Wish List

TCUP’s Wish List!

Building Supplies:

Insulation (wool batts included)


  • Fruit and Nut Trees and Seeds
  • Oil press
  • Cart
  • Bike trailer

If you have access to any of the above or would like to donate to help us get something, please email: thecommonunityproject@gmail.com. We will update this as we accumulate more supplies and as more needs come up.

Thank You!

One thought on “Wish List

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  1. Hey, Hi! I was poking around your site and saw glass and windows on your wishlist. I have about 20- approx. 12″x24″ double glazed sealed units. Low E/clear glass. Like new. installed for one month until proper size came. I am in southern Alberta between Lethbridge and Calgary. I cannot deliver them but if you can send someone to come get them, or if you have a contact in Calgary who can store them until you can get them you can have them for free. Also a bunch of Misc. panes of different sizes type and quality. Please let me know ASAP as we are cleaning out in preperation to move and I cannot keep them long. Cheers! Tamara


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