The Mother Garden

the garden

Growing nutrient rich, delicious food, while building the soil, is our goal in the T.C.U.P. gardens. Our first garden was built as a rotating circle. Different crops are rotated through the seasons to accommodate their soil needs and yields. Soil is built through cardboard and leaf mulch. We are experimenting with growing on a hugelkultur bed and with intensive companion planting. We live in growing zone 4, where Tomatoes and other heat loving plants grow best in a greenhouse. Our greenhouse is built out of a recycled trampoline frame and other recycled materials. It has built in water-catchment and deep raised beds.


As we moved into the field this first garden, we now call it the mother garden, transitioned into being more a perennial garden than annual crops. We have Cherry and Apple trees there now, some Haskap Berry bushes as well as lots of Raspberries.

The Pond Garden


With the start of our Earthship endeavor we shifted our focus to the field and started a new garden next to the newly widened and dug out pond. The soil in the field is mostly sand which takes quite a bit of effort to build it up to be rich and productive. With time we shifted this garden to be more a perennial garden as well.

The Outdoor Kitchen Garden

outdoor kitchen garden 01

Once we build our Outdoor Kitchen it became the center of attention during thee summer. It made sense to establish a garden close to it. This will most likely be the spot for our annual crops going forward. We added two greenhouses as well using some recycled and some new materials. We also included a herb spiral and herb bed close to the kitchen.