Skin Salves

We have been creating skin cream medicine from the plants that we live with, for skin nourishing, self-care and other ailments, depending on the herbs in the mix. All of the herbs in the salves are foraged or grown and harvested locally, and are organic. The pine sap is harvested from the lovely pine trees that we live with, it is both excellent for the skin and a natural preservative for the creams. The beeswax is from bees that we kept at our farm a few years ago. The oil is the only part of the salves that we do not collect ourselves (so far we’ve used olive or coconut oil), though one day we hope to be able to create salves with oils we can source locally…but until then here we are! We learn as we go and experiment and research with the plants as they call to us. Read more about the magical witch cream potions that we’ve created and shared below.

Age Beautifully

Rosehip, yarrow, pine sap, oil, beeswax

My Mom named this cream in the spirit of anti-anti-aging, embracing her age and her beauty that comes with it! The rosehip especially is good for keeping aged skin healthy and moist. A real beauty product for radiant and good feeling skin, this is a great everyday use salve for beauty and loving your body.

* Yarrow is also powerful at relating to blood; it helps with circulation, it cleans and heals cuts…pretty much any blood related issue yarrow can help adjust in whichever direction your body needs to go to be healthy.

Detox Salve

Rosehip, yarrow, dandelion root & flower, pine sap, oil & beeswax

This salve is the same as the Age Beautifully salve, plus dandelion root & flower, which is said to have strong detoxification abilities. It is said to release blocked energy and clear long-held emotions. It’s believed to have a special relationship to the breasts, and can help with breast related issues, like cysts. This salve also gets it’s name to honour the dandelion as the classic example of backwards-ness in today’s world: the dandelion is known to fight cancer, yet people often spray cancer-inducing pesticides on their lawns to prevent dandelions (and therefore their future cure) from growing.

* This salve is also great for dry skin, eczema, and getting rid of warts.

Golden Grounding 

Goldenrod, plantain, self-heal, pine sap, oil & beeswax

This is a salve to help you ground, inspired by goldenrod’s power to “help you be true to yourself, especially in a group”. Very healing from flying too close to the sun, all the ingredients in this cream have strong abilities to regenerate the skin, especially from burns and sunburns (or general skin damage from UV radiation).

This is a great, calming daily use salve. * Herbs in this salve will also soothe bug bites, stings and skin irritations, as well as joint pain.

Summer Skin Salve

Plantain, yarrow, goldenrod, self-heal, pine sap, oil & beeswax

Your all-in-one daily skin care salve to meet all your summer skin needs…it will soothe and heal skin from bug bites, stings, cuts, scrapes and burns.

Kids are ready for summer playin’ and the Summer Skin Salve is ready to soothe bug bites, stings, cuts, scrapes, sunburns and dry skin!

Desert Blossom

Chickweed, plantain, pine sap, oil & beeswax

Created out of my own struggle with eczema – this is a skin nourisher for dry skin, eczema and psoriasis, and also for skin irritations like bug bites and stings. A very gentle and powerful daily use moisturizing cream, for kids as well.

Pain Relief

Comfrey, spruce tips, peppermint essential oil, oil & beeswax

Use this salve in small quantities over short periods of time to relieve pain and relax muscles. It is anti-inflammatory and can relieve and treat painful muscle and joint conditions, like lower back pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, as well as sprains, bruises, and fractures. The peppermint essential oil gives a fast, cooling effect for pain and tension relief.

* Do not ingest.

Arthritis Soother

Arnica, goldenrod, comfrey, pine sap, oil & beeswax

This salve was made with the intention of (obviously) soothing arthritis and other joint pain. It can be used in small quantities over short periods of time. It improves circulation to injured areas and can promote the healing of bruises, sprains, strains, muscular inflammation, aches, pains, rheumatic joint pain, inflammation from insect bites and swelling from fractures. The goldenrod is also believed to carry the intense vibrations of heat and sun and bring a state of calm.

* Do not ingest.

Lion’s Breath

Cannabis, nettle, mint, eucalyptus oil, pine sap, oil & beeswax

Eases chronic and everyday pains, such as back pain and joint pain. A combination of herbs for fast-acting and long-lasting relief. 

*The eucalyptus oil is not local.

Cottonwood Bud Salve

Cottonwood buds, pine sap, oil & beeswax

Smother yourself in the most amazing smell of spring! This skin nourishing salve also has some bonus powerful effects…it can be used to relieve lung congestion by rubbing on the back, chest, neck and ears. It also soothes arthritis.


The Boreal Herbal, Wild Food and Medicine Plants of the North by Beverley Gray

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  1. Hi! I bought some of your products at BC witchcamp last year and think their great! I have bad arthritis and liked the one with poplar bud oil in it! I don’t see it here, are you no longer making it?


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