The Common Unity Project

The Common Unity Project is, at its core, an intentional community. This means that we are a group of people working together towards a shared vision.


A world transformed; to live simply, connected to each other and in harmony with all that is.

We envision this community to be a place where……

-a diversity of individuals of all ages, sexes, genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds come together to live as equals

-we participate in a global awakening and transformation

-We are committed to communicating openly and honestly

-every individual is supported to grow consciously and realize their own truth

-Abundant, meaningful and sustainable livelihoods interconnect with nature

-Our sustenance is derived as much as possible from the land around us and our region

-We advocate for, and create alternative ideas that enhance the health of the environment

-living examples lead to inspired learning


Our philosophy

We believe in the interconnectedness of all life and that interacting together in Common Unity is the basic building block that is needed to transform the planet.

Our vision is derived from an understanding that we are responsible for creating our lives, and that either Love or Fear is the driving force behind this creation. Being conscious of this gives us freedom.

Love is acceptance, openness, awareness of the goodness that is, commitment to the circle of life, humility, love does not judge, intimacy,  vulnerability, if we take responsibility than all that is left is learning, giving the freedom to be to ourselves and others

At The Common Unity Project we commit ourselves to create freely from Love, and to take responsibility for whatever holds us back.

From this space of Love, we aim to generate a society that works for all of us and all life. We are moving away from a society that is unsustainable and promotes a self- serving, individualistic mentality. Living as family we empower each other to redefine the very nature of what is possible, where the needs of one become the concern of all.

Living in Community and within close quarters gives us a greater opportunity to face our problems rather than avoid them. Through the practice of conscious communication and personal responsibility we are constantly evolving and becoming more present, learning more about ourselves and our true life purpose.

We are on a journey of exploring our infinite potential, learning how to live lives that inspire positive change in the world around us.

“True community is not simply an aggregate of people…but a people which have made a commitment to communicate more authentically, more intimately, more vulnerably.” — M. Scott Peck, The Different Drum

 We are committed to becoming more aware of how fear is playing out in our lives. We seek to pursue a journey of transforming our instinctive fears into conscious love.