Our project aims to birth a new lifestyle; one that lets us live closer to our authentic selves, to each other and to mother earth. By trying out newer ways of communicating with one another and interacting with the resources in our lives, we believe we can change our ways of operating from being hyper-focused on the self and individuality, to deeply integrating our inter-connectedness with community and the planet, while still valuing the self.

In our lifestyle at TCUP, we are set up to feel what is going on in the world around us. When it doesn’t rain for a while, we feel it in our gardens, forests and water tanks, and it impacts our daily use of water. When we successfully grow food in the garden, we have many mouths to feast and celebrate with us. We know how much power each of our tools takes, and that on a grey day we can maybe use the internet, but you can’t use the table saw. When we want to start a business or build a 3000 ft² Earthship, we have a community of people to support us, and also to negotiate every detail with…which can lead to lots of insights and personal growth.

Here are some ways that we interweave ourselves with the world around us: