Solar Energy

We use solar panels to run our lights and our other electrical needs, which are less than most normal households. However we do power all our power tools with it that we use to build the Earthship. Like this table saw Chris is using.


Currently we have 1600W system in the field and 1000W system at the cabin. As we grow and our needs get more we might expand our system, maybe even add a wind turbine.

Big Thank You to Kevin Pegg from EA Energy Alternatives Ltd. who helped us getting started with our system in the field.

Wood Stove(s)


We cook and heat the cabin with this here awesome wood cook stove. It is a Bakers Choice Amish Wood Cook Stove which we got from Lehman’s. Firewood is an essential.

Rocket Stove

Rocket Stove

In the summer we cook outside with a Rocket Stove. It only takes a few sticks to boil a pot of water!

Wax Melter

Wax Melter

This is our solar beeswax melter and filter. We use beeswax for making salves, lotions and candles.

In ground refrigeration

In our Cabin the fridge is a hole in the floor, insulated with straw cob, tapping into the earth’s cooling temperatures.

In the Earthship we will have a walk in root cellar right next to the kitchen. Keep it simple, no electricity needed.


From our roofs we collect rain water and store it in tanks to use for washing and cleaning. We also have 2 ponds which we use to swim and bath in.

Our drinking water comes from a shallow well with a hand pump.