When we first bought the land there was only a small 600ft² summer cabin and a barn/shop. To have a community of many people live here and do the things we want to do as well as have animals we needed and need more buildings and infrastructure.

We believe that what we build can be a reflection of our surrounding. We try to build with as many natural, local and recycled materials as we can. We incorporate beauty and functionality, keeping the natural world and our long-term goals in mind.

In this section of our Website we want to show and tell the stories of our development and the great ideas that lead to the buildings we have and are going to have. When thinking of a new structure we need we think also about resources that we have and need and look out for any potential to recycle materials from wherever we can. If we can save something from going to the landfill and also save some money than that is a win win.

We tried to gather as many materials before we started our big Earthship build. Chris, who is very skilled at this, was looking for any materials we could get/recycle for two years before we actually started building. Some of them required some creative thinking and the design was kept somewhat open so that we could accommodate any materials we find along the way.

You can find the following stories for our building projects in the sub menus of this page.

  • The Cabin
  • The Shop
  • The Earthtramp
  • The outdoor kitchen
  • Our big Earthship build The Hive
  • Lola & Noam’s Cabin

We will add stories as we go along and new ideas and needs come up and become reality.