Summer ends

Summer came and went, and with it a bunch of our volunteers. Thanks everybody! We put up some walls, making it look something more like a building inside. The glass bottles added a nice touch and some much needed light in the back library room (perhaps better as a movie room... we shall see). The... Continue Reading →


Oops, we're a little late to be writing about Spring, it's almost summer here now. We got chickens again, tilled up some new land for potatoes and garden beds in front of the earthship, built an herb spiral, did some major clean up around the property, went mushroom picking, and built a sauna. Community members... Continue Reading →

Winter is Coming

It's a mad-dash to get ready for winter here. First was the roof, which is complete except the gutters and some windows. Now we're nailing up salvaged plywood, shoving shredded news paper (cellulose) insulation into the wall cavities, and doing landscaping to drain water away from the house. We hope to get two stoves installed... Continue Reading →

Timber Frame Madness

Unbelievable as it seems, we finally finished the tire wall on the 10th row...only to find out that we'd gone too high and had to undo a whole course of tires - a bit of an anticlimax! Still, we got over it pretty quickly once we realized we wouldn't have to pound tires anymore and... Continue Reading →

The Field of Dreams

The field is almost already for construction time. We've fashioned a city of tires, a mountain range of foam, two outhouses, an earthen mini-fridge, and a dock for our pond. And we are welcoming more people to our crew! Brett and Carl are joining us for the next foreseeable future and have set up a mini trailer... Continue Reading →

Spring is Here!

Greetings Friends! We are gearing up for a busy season! Starting seeds,             building a chicken coop, gathering building materials from down south, and organizing four workshops! Check out our workshop schedule for this summer. Feel free to spread widely!

No LNG Video

We started collecting tires in 2013 for our Earthship project, and instead of just having them sit around waiting to become a wall, we decided to put them to work. Check out T.C.U.P.'s first video!

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