Earthship Update

We have been working again on our Earthship building 'The Hive' since March and want to show some of our progress. The Kitchen One of Chris's many projects but also inspiration is the Kitchen finishing. He has been building counter tops, the bar table, cupboards, drawers and the pantry. He gets support by Lola who... Continue Reading →

Earthship Progress Video

We have put together a little update video to show some of the progress. This short video shows the development of the Hive from the east side view from the beginnings in 2015 to fall 2019. It is starting to look like a house that we can live in, not quite but so close.

Our Earthship Build Has Begun!

So our summer tire pounding volunteers have arrived and after one month we've dug a drainage ditch, covered it back up, dug out another ditch for the tire course, covered that back up with gravel, pounded 4 courses of tires complete with vapor barrier, insulation, and backfill. We took a little break to make a cob oven,... Continue Reading →

Design and Prep Phase!

While the winter weather is keeping us inside, we have been discussing designs for the new building. Topics such as bedroom size, water filtration, insulated or non-insulated floors, types of rocket stoves and ovens, and straw-bales versus reclaimed foam offcuts have filled our days. Our resident DIY architect Chris has gotten to a pretty good place in terms... Continue Reading →

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