Earthship Update

We have been working again on our Earthship building ‘The Hive’ since March and want to show some of our progress.

The Kitchen

One of Chris’s many projects but also inspiration is the Kitchen finishing. He has been building counter tops, the bar table, cupboards, drawers and the pantry. He gets support by Lola who is doing the tile mosaic. You can also see the granite floor we installed last year. Those are all counter top off cuts we got for free or cheap and then puzzled together.

The Office

Martin has been working on the office room and getting it ready to be set up. After sound insulating the walls , putting siding on and laying down the cork flooring Martin got the office all set up. Moss helped with the siding and Chris with putting in the cork floor. It gave us a first experience working with cork flooring and there is much more to come as most of the upstairs will have that same flooring. Martin made a heavy rolling tool to weight down the tiles so it adheres evenly to the sub floor.

The Pentagon Tower

Jon has been working on getting the siding on the walls in the 3rd story of the pentagon tower. Still some work to be done but in the meantime Will is hanging out.

The Library

Sweet Gum is working on the stained glass windows not just for the library but also for the pentagon tower top windows. They are also working on giving the cob bench its final layer. What color will it be…

Living Room

We temporarily set up the upstairs living room even though some work still needs to be done. But given that it isn’t a priority right now and we need a place to hide from the rain we set it up.

Here Amanda is shaking out pine pollen. Supposedly it has similar properties to nutritional yeast. We will see how it tastes.

We are also using the living room to try and get cuttings to root so we can expend our fruit & nut trees as well as berry bushes.


4 thoughts on “Earthship Update

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  1. Wonderful to see the progress on this project. Way overdue for a visit but shearing is closer to being done. Solstice?


  2. Hi, older folk seeking home. Pros; fairly knowlegeable about various types of projects and ma y skills accumulated over time; cons, slower movement and energy limits. He: retired electrician, has lots of know how and practical, has copd so his physical health restricts how much he can do. She: lived in community off and on earlier in life, understand consensus decision making and able to assist with this, lots of home skills, have been english teacher, social worker, and administrative assistant after college, before college included waitress, bartender, bus driver, co struction, animals. We both enjoy gardening and use marijuana, either edible or tinctures mostly. If we appear possible please give us a text. Thank you.


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