Beltane Celebration

On May 1 2020 we celebrated Beltane to welcome the start of the summer and to wish for a fertile growing season.

Beltane is the Gaelic May Day festival where people celebrate the fertility and abundance as well as the start of summer. A common thing to do is to raise a pole, the Maypole. We had a pole to raise for a future basketball hoop and decided to raise it that day.

Amanda and Moss started the celebrations by harvesting beautiful plants to honor and decorate with for the night. When they set out on their harvest they thought that there weren’t that many flowers out yet. But once they dedicated the time to looking they were amazed to see there were tons of flowers in bloom already. Taking the time to focus on the beauty and abundance of mother earth was a great experience and shifted their eyes to see so much more of nature’s creations.

We decorated the pole with the picked flowers and after the pole was raised we all danced around it and played games.

By Martin & Moss


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