Post-Civilization Camp June 2020

TCUP Presents…Post-Civilization Camp!

What is post-civ camp?

A month long camp (June 1-30th), where we take a deep-dive exploration of cultivating a culture that allows humanity to thrive and connect to mother earth. Our goal is to evolve our culture to a more harmonious way of being, our playground will be working together to build a small cabin.
We’ll have focused workshops, activities, discussions and then create a playground of applying what we learn to daily life while constructing a small cabin from start to finish, to house a family in our community. We hope to be able to theorize a post-civilized culture at the beginning of our time together, and then mix this in with applied tasks to test out our theories, integrate them to our ways of being and continue to keep what we love and move past what is destructive and doesn’t serve us!

What is post-civilization?

Post-civilized thought is based on three simple premises:
1.This civilization is, from its foundation, unsustainable. It probably cannot be salvaged, and, what’s more, it would be undesirable to do so.
2.It is neither possible, nor desirable, to return to a pre-civilized state of being.
3. It is therefore desirable to imagine and enact a post-civilized culture.

Join us in 2020 in un-learning and relearning our relationships to ourselves, our communities and the planet while learning practical and theoretical skills to build a small cabin from start to finish.

Here are a few examples of workshop/ discussion topics that will be included:

– heart to heart circles
– permaculture & plant medicine
– consent & intuition
– re-learning communication (verbal & non-verbal)
– appropriate use of technology
– mind-body-spirit movement
– how to build a low cost, re-purposed cabin
– cabin design & structure

What will our days at post-civ camp look like?

Workshops will be concentrated most heavily at the start of the camp, to establish the post-civilization space we want to strive towards during our time together, and then will continue to be intermingled throughout the whole month. We’ll move from a more heavy focus on theory and containers (ie workshops) to application of the world we want to live in, using as our playground the daily task of building a cabin together. As we move further into our playground of building a cabin and applying post-civ methods of being and interacting, we will have debrief discussions to reflect on how this went, we will have 6-7 hour days building the cabin (max 5 days per week). The depths we can go to in creating and living our post-civilization culture, is up to each of us in our willingness to expand our capacity to love, trust, be vulnerable, be open…to be ourselves!

To register contact us at (250) 842-8323 or It’s our hope that in the spirit of post-civilization, our initial conversation for registering our camp crew will be an honest 2-way conversation about what we each hope to get out of camp and what we each hope to bring to camp. Registration can be our first endeavour into post-civilization together!

Dates: June 1-30th 2020
Space available: Limited to 10 participants
Accommodations: Tenting or bus dorm
Meals: 3 daily communal meals provided*
Cost: We would like people to offer to the camp what feels good to you! And (the great news is) everyone has something wonderful to offer to camp by just bringing yourself. We are interested in hearing about any creative exchanges you’d like to make for attending camp (maybe you want to offer a workshop, foraged food…) Money is also something that is helpful to us in putting on this camp and running our community project. If it’s desirable to you to offer money, we estimate the cost of this camp to be $500…our hope is that people will offer more or less according to their ability/desire, and in magical egalitarian fashion, as a group we will all cover our costs and pay what we are able. Should we have extra money, we might even be able to finance someone to come who cannot afford the travel on their own, hire more facilitators for workshops or local cultural learning, put it to other TCUP initiatives…maybe we could even come up with ideas as a group.

During camp, participants will be experiencing off-grid community living!
*It is likely that we will organize a cooking schedule, and participants will be asked to help cook meals 1 day per week.
All levels of construction building experience are welcome and will be accommodated!


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  1. Unfortunately due to Covid19 we had to change our originally planned camp idea. We no longer have a schedule planned with activities etc. We are still accepting volunteers though and are planning to build the cabin. Everybody interested can come and help out and still learn how to build a cabin. Depending on the inspiration from the people around we will dive into different aspects of what Post Civilization might look like.


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