2017 Internship Opportunity at TCUP

UPDATE: We are no longer taking interns this year, if you would like to volunteer, please contact us via email @ thecommonunityproject@gmail.com



The Common Unity Project

2017 Internship Opportunity

Off-Grid Homesteading – Earth Conscious Building – Permaculture – Community

We are offering a unique opportunity for 3-5 interested persons to join us for our 2017 growing season at TCUP. Participants would stay from 3-6 months at our off-grid community and gain hands-on experience and informal learning by collectively taking part in our hybrid Earthship building project, permaculture inspired food forest, and other daily tasks. We will offer informal/skillshare instruction in various topics such as:

Strawbale Building –Cob/ Earthen Plaster – Wild Foraging –Herbal Medicine – Earthship Design- Permaculture Ethics- Carpentry- Rocket Stove Construction- Food Forestry – Soil Building/Composting– Solar power and more…

Participants will be encouraged to design and implement their own project with the support of the community.

The internship will be offered free of charge along with basic food and accommodation. In addition, we will offer participants a small stipend of $50/month.

If interested, email a completed application to thecommonunityproject@gmail.com


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