Earthship Update

We have been working again on our Earthship building 'The Hive' since March and want to show some of our progress. The Kitchen One of Chris's many projects but also inspiration is the Kitchen finishing. He has been building counter tops, the bar table, cupboards, drawers and the pantry. He gets support by Lola who... Continue Reading →

Beltane Celebration

On May 1 2020 we celebrated Beltane to welcome the start of the summer and to wish for a fertile growing season. Beltane is the Gaelic May Day festival where people celebrate the fertility and abundance as well as the start of summer. A common thing to do is to raise a pole, the Maypole.... Continue Reading →

Post-Civilization Camp June 2020

TCUP Presents...Post-Civilization Camp! What is post-civ camp? A month long camp (June 1-30th), where we take a deep-dive exploration of cultivating a culture that allows humanity to thrive and connect to mother earth. Our goal is to evolve our culture to a more harmonious way of being, our playground will be working together to build... Continue Reading →

Salve Creations

This year we had some excitement starting out a SALVE MAKING BUSINESS! Plant medicine is a passion shared by many at The Common Unity Project, and it has felt wonderful to dive into that and get to share it with the rest of the world, especially our wider Hazelton community. Martin and my sister preparing... Continue Reading →

Earthship Progress Video

We have put together a little update video to show some of the progress. This short video shows the development of the Hive from the east side view from the beginnings in 2015 to fall 2019. It is starting to look like a house that we can live in, not quite but so close.

Junktime Puppets at TCUP

We were thrilled to have Jon and Meesh from Junktime Puppets construct the bike cart puppet 'Big Blue Poppa' here. They used mostly found materials and built him to be part of their puppet show for the Kispiox Valley Music Festival.  Looking forward to what they come up with next!!

Invite to TCUP’s 2018 Volunteer Camp!

SUMMER VOLUNTEER CAMP 2018 JUNE 15TH-JULY26TH Join us for a six week experience at The Common Unity Project. We are an intentional community living off-grid, inspired by permaculture, and in the midst of building a hybrid earthship communal home. This summer we are focused on finishing the building we started three years ago so we... Continue Reading →

Heart to Heart Communication – A TCUP Retreat

  Recently 13 members and prospective members of The Common Unity Project attended a weekend workshop titled “Heart to Heart Communication” created by an extraordinarily wise and highly intuitive community building workshop facilitator RoseMarie Pierce. RoseMarie’s innate ability to gently guide people inward to the route of their problems is confounding.  She has over 25... Continue Reading →

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